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  • Study and Travel Tours
    KCE group immersion programs provide participants with a comprehensive Chinese language, culture and travel experience that builds a solid foundation in the language while exploring all that China has to offer. Students will see firsthand, the dynamic mixture of traditional and modern elements that have helped thrust China to the forefront of global affairs. The program consists of 3 parts – Language (语言yǔyán), Culture (文化wénhuà) and Travel (旅游lǚyóu), each of which can be tailored to your groups specific requirements.
    Language (语言yǔyán)
    All language classes are conducted on a one-to-one basis which allows students to learn at their own pace in a pressure free environment. By receiving individual instruction each student is assured to get the attention he/she needs to develop a strong foundation in the Chinese language. Not having a background in Mandarin is fine, as our fully certified instructors provide each student with an individually tailored curriculum graded to their current Chinese level.
    Culture (文化wénhuà)
    Group culture classes help students gain a deeper insight into the rich and varied customs, culture and history of this ancient and fascinating country.
    Travel (旅游lǚyóu)
    The final week in China will be spent sightseeing in the dazzling capitol city of Beijing, where your group will receive a guided tour of all the must see sights. Participants will be escorted by KCE teaching staff throughout the trip and receive private transportation to and from all tour sites. All meals are included and accommodation is provided at a modern hotel near the center of the city.
    Beijing tour sites :
    * Forbidden city * Great wall * Tiananmen square
    * Summer palace * Temple of heaven * Hutong rickshaw tour
    * Birds nest stadium * water cube * Tea house tour
    Tour Information
    Added support services
    - Visas
    KCE offers full visa support to every student group.We’ll assist you in obtaining your visas and handle all the paperwork required during your stay in china.
    - 24hr Support
    From arrival until departure,or English speaking support staff are available to students’24hrs/day.
    - College credit
    College credit and transcripts are available to all students participarting in KCE language programs.
    - Safety
    Our school facility is located in a private residence 15mins drive from the center of the city.
    - Flexibility
    We realize every study group has different requirements and are always more than willing to accommodate any specific requests.
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