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  • Culture Exchange Program
    A combined Chinese language and culture course comprising two hours per day of private 1-to-1 language classes with one hour per day of Chinese cultural activities. Our culture exchange program is perfect for people who want a slightly less intensive course of study, and allows students to gain a deep insight into all aspects of Chinese culture while also building a solid foundation in the language.
    Chinese culture classes are available in a variety of subjects and you are free to choose the ones that most interest you.

    Available culture classes:
    - Chinese calligraphy - Tai Chi
    - Traditional Chinese musical instruments - Chinese paper cutting
    - Gong Fu/Wu Shu - Chinese history and philosophy
    - Water painting - Chinese cooking
    Program Highlights

    • 2 hours per day of private 1-to-1 Chinese language classes
    • 1 hour per day of Chinese culture class
    • All books and culture class materials
    • Free wireless internet and bicycle                                                                                                               

    • All KCE family gatherings and other activities
    • Visa and travel assistance
    • 24 hour a day support
    • Lunch at our school cafeteria
    Culture exchange program fee:
    • monthly – 6,500 rmb
    • 6+ months – 6,000 rmb/month

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