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    The HSK Chinese language test is a standardized exam used for measuring student’s proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. The test is administered by the China National Office of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language (HANBAN 国家汉办), and is recognized worldwide as the universal standard when assessing students’ command of the Chinese language. The HSK test encompasses all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and is invaluable for anyone wanting to:

    - Work in a multi-national or Chinese company where you will be in a Chinese language environment.
    - Study non-language subjects at a Chinese university.
    - Fast track your college degree.
    - Pursue graduate level studies in China.
    - Gauge the progression of your Chinese study against a government set standard.
    - Work in international relations or diplomacy.

    The HSK test is divided into six levels with the corresponding vocabulary requirements detailed below. The reading, writing and listening sections of the test are taken together while the speaking component of the test is optional and can be taken on its own. The total study time indicates the length of time necessary for a complete beginner in the Chinese language to attain the corresponding test level when studying on the Konall Culture Exchange HSK-Track program. So confident are we in the quality of our HSK-Track program and the results you will obtain, we offer a 10% refund on tuition fees if you do not attain your desired grade on the first try!
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