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  • Chinese Home-Stay
    Living with a Chinese host-family is a great option for anyone wanting a complete China experience. In addition to improving your Mandarin through increased immersion, you will also gain a unique insight into modern Chinese family life and the culture and customs that go with it. As a foreign guest you will be taken in and treated as one of the family, and it is not uncomon for KCE students to form lasting friendships with their new family members.
    Each of our carefully screened families provide a level of comfort that is on par with what you would find in your home country. You will receive two meals per day and have your own private, fully furnished room. All of your needs are provided, and all host family homes have 24hr hot water, AC/Heating, washing machine, modern appliances and broadband internet.
    During your stay with a host-family you will find that Chinese people are among the most hospitable in the world, and will go to great lengths to make you feel at home. Many families will organize weekend excursions and you will have a very special opportunity to learn about Chinese culture firsthand as you are included in every aspect of their lives.
    Home-stay placement fee
    There is a one-time placement fee of 750 RMB for the KCE home-stay program. Apart from this one-time payment there are no other ongoing charges or costs.
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    Home-Stay Benefits
    - Private room
    - Safe and Secure Environment
    - All meals
    - Life Long Friendships
    - 24hr Support
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