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  • Private Apartments
    KCE private apartments provide you with spacious, modern and comfortable housing for the duration of your program. All KCE apartments come fully furnished with modern appliances including refrigerator, AC/heating, cable t.v, broadband internet, washing machine, study desk, cooking utensils and bedding/linen etc. Each apartment is located within 15mins walk of our institute in a quiet and safe complex close to downtown with easy access to public transport, shopping and entertainment districts. Rental fee includes all utilities - power, internet, water, gas etc. 
    Rental fees:
    Monthly – 2,750 RMB/month
    6 months and over – 2,000 RMB/month
    VIP Maid Service
    If you just want to relax without the hassle of household chores we offer a full maid service which includes daily cleaning, laundry, shopping and meals. This package includes all food and meals with the freedom to choose your own menu of homecooked Chinese food all prepared in the privacy of your home. It is also a great way to practice your Mandarin at home through daily conversation with your maid.
    Monthly maid service fee – 3000 rmb/month
    Apartment photos
    Living room
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