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  • HSK Program Fees
    Konall Culture Exchange HSK-Track programs last between four and forty four weeks in duration and cater to all levels of Chinese ability. The fee table below outlines the cost and time needed for transitioning from one level of the HSK test (or equivalent Chinese ability) to the next level. For those that have studied Chinese previously a comprehensive placement test will be carried out upon arrival to assess your current Chinese level and place you in the most suitable HSK-Track program.

    A discount of 10% off the listed program fee is given for stays of between 12-24 weeks duration.
    A discount of 15% off the listed program fee is given for stays of between 25-44 weeks duration.

    The program fee includes tuition, textbooks, study materials and practice tests. Konall Culture Exchange will also assist with test registration for students who wish to sit the HSK exam here in China.
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